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Welcome to the H J P Park and Open Space Commission website. We're glad you're taking time to visit with us. Take a few minutes and look or browse our site. Many things change as each week goes by.

Maybe you're interested in a hike, tennis lessons, summer camp for kids, or self defense class? Checkout the Events page. As new activities are confirmed, they are added to the calendar. Check out our "Friends organization" pages, your membership is always open to the public.

The goals of the HJP Park and Open Space Commission are to:

  1. Preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the HJP region.
  2. Establish a system of greenways to preserve, connect and enhance HJP's green infrastructure.
  3. Conserve important farmland and scenic areas.
  4. Create a system of parks and recreation throughout the HJP region.
  5. Provide a parks and recreation management system rooted in partnerships under HJP.
  6. Establish stable, equitable funding to support open space and recreation system.


For information on our public programs use the "event" word at the top this page. Use the left column or the calendar.

We have a page for Dog Park people. Also a link to our Dog Park Facebook Page, is directly to the right on this home page.



"...a community that celebrates the great natural and cultural
heritage that is the cornerstone of the quality of life in the region."

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