HJP Dog Park
The HJP Regional Park is host to our Dog Park. We currently have two areas for dog depending on their size. 34 lbs. and under and a 35 lbs. and over. The small are is just less than a 1/3 an acre. The large area is just under a 2/3 acre. We kept trees for shade. Boulders are used for Maura's Chat circle. These areas are an Off Leash play area for dogs.

You will also notice signs from our fence sponsorship program. This is an on going  program until all sections are full of names and business.

We offer recycled items to stay as green a park as possible. We had supplied to us from Pocono Township Road Crew several concrete culverts tiles that have been made into tunnels for the dog to run thru or jump over.

We also have poop bag stations made from "TIDE" pod holders. Dog people are bringing all their grocery bags to use as the waste bags.
There are hooks to hang your tote bags or leashes on. Our benches are made from logs and lumber provided.

We are building a network of trails for dog also. Currently there is one that starts at the dog park and is over 1,700 feet in length. The trail winds up hill, has a bench about half way. Signs are posted to show you the way. Remember dogs MUST BE ON LEASH while hiking.



1.     Dogs are not permitted to bully or fight. (Dogs will rough play as that is their     nature to be dominating)

2.     Dogs or People, are not to jump over or climb on any of the fencing structure.

3.     All dogs must have a current license.

4.     No dogs under the age of 4 months are allowed.

5.     No dogs in heat.

6.     Keys & Fees will be issued annually. All keys remain the property of HJP and must be returned when renewing. Typically April 1 will be the lock change date. A notice will be posted along with personal emails. If not renewing return key(s)

7.     Keys may not be passed off to non-paying members. Keys may not be copied/duplicated except by HJP.

a. If a key is found in the possession of a non paying member, the owners of the key will be suspended for a three month time period. The Non-owner will be told to leave immediately. Your key will be collected from the user.

8.     You must pick up your dog’s solid waste and place in the proper receptacle.

9.     You’ll need to bring your own source of water. No community bowls.

10.   Please don’t leave toys and dishes as it could attract wild animals. NO FOOD/TREATS/BEVERAGES human or pet.

11.   All dogs must be attended to at all times by the owner or person responsible for the dog.

12.   NO CHILDREN under the age of 8 permitted in the dog park. Children over the age of 8 and under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 16.

13.   All dogs must be on leash when entering and/or not inside the dog park. Also on our trails.

14.   A limit of 2 dogs per person per visit. You must be in the same area as your dog to be responsibly watching your dog. No dogs shall be left unattended for any reason.

15.   You must unlock and lock the gate behind yourself as you enter and/or exit. DO NOT leave it up to anyone else.

16.    NO SMOKING within the dog park. All cigarettes and tobacco products must be extinguished and removed from the HJP Regional Park property. DO NOT throw and leave cigarette butts on the ground.

17.    If your dog digs a hole fill it back in. Please help prevent any trip hazards.

18.    HJP reserves the right to close the dog park for repair and maintenance and to add/changes rules as needed.


To obtain your annual key for entry you must provide HJP Park and Open Space Commission with the following items;


Obtained your vaccination record from your Veterinarian, and bring a copy to our office.

This must include; Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, and Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, (Commonly known as DHLPP or equivalent), Bordatella (known as Kennel Cough), Rabies 1 yr. or 3 yr. All dogs are also required to be on treatment for hookworm, roundworm, whipworm, heartworm, topical flea & tick control. These are the recommendations per our advisor Veterinarians. Disclose any pertinent information, such as a fighter, dog on medication, failure to do so will most likely be cause for loss of privileges

B.     Pay the annual key fee of $25.00 (annually) per family with a limit of 3 dogs. If you have more it will be an additional $5.00 per dog. Family/Guest dogs on vacation are required to submit papers and pay $5.00 per dog for a limited time TBD. Fee is not pro-rated. All keys remain the property of HJP Park and Open Space Commission

C.     NO REFUNDS. Lost keys replacement fee will be $5.00 per key.


For more information contact

HJP Park and Open Space at 570-629-0966

or email director@hjpparks.org

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