HJP Regional Park
The Master Site Plan proposes the following; natural areas, paved and unpaved trails, playground areas, soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, baseball and softball fields, an outdoor amphitheater, recreation center, pavilions and picnic areas. This drawing is an artist's idea of those features and what the park could look like. Not all the ideas will go exactly as it looks on this drawing, but we'll try to place them in the appropriate location as time progresses. This is just a conception map of the features that were asked for by the public at the meetings held to develop the master plan for the HJP Regional Park.

HJP Regional Park Master Plan

We would also mention that a group of people know as "Friends of HJP Park and Open Space". They need volunteers to help in all areas of this venture. So here is their information.

Friends of HJP Park and Open Space - is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that improves the quality of life in Monroe County By assisting HJP with project support.

Friends of HJP is comprised of volunteers with the collective vision of making this playground a reality for our community. We are working towards building a safe, universally inclusive playground in Monroe County for everyone to enjoy.  No matter their age or their ability, everyone loves to have fun and play!

The HJP Regional Park is owned by Hamilton, Jackson & Pocono townships. It is located in both Jackson & Pocono Townships in Monroe County.

    The park is open for hiking we have about 3 miles of trails. Here is a link to a park map Trail map is lower on this page. http://maps.dcnr.pa.gov/localparks/?name=HJP%20Regional%20Park The trails are not labeled at this time. They are rough hiking trails that were created by heavy equipment and thus very in width.
    Here is the map of the trails we will label.
 HJP Regional Park map 2.pdf Click on this link for a printable copy to take with you on your treks.
    We have a couple of Boy Scouts creating a new trail near the front of the park. When the Scouts are done we will label that trail as "Eagle Trail" to honor Boys for their journey to achieve that rank.
    So enjoy your treks thru the park. AND go take a hike.
GEOCACHERS, our policies and forms are list below. We hold at least 2 beginner programs per year. This is a family oriented activity. It is the fasted growing outdoor sport that has a low cost for a family. It started in 1990 with 1 cache and today there are more than 1.75 Million world wide, from mountain tops to the ocean floors and everything between. Come join us. Watch our calendar for events and classes. 

Cachers -
If you are wishing to put a cache in the HJP Regional Park, contact this office.
If you are wishing to place a cache in/on a Hamilton Twp. or Jackson Twp. Park or Open Space property, contact this office for approval of those locations.

Policy 09-06 Geocache Policy.pdf
Policy 09-06 Geocache supplement 1a.pdf
Policy 09-06 Geocache supplement 2a.pdf
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