Our Commission
The commission is represented by Hamilton Township, Jackson Township, Pocono Township, and 2 school districts - Pocono Mountain School District and Stroudsburg Area School District.

Our commission has been in operation since December 2005. In July of 2009 we hired a full time Executive Director. In 2012 we hire a Recreation Manager. Between both of them we have seen our public program attendence steadily increase from 68 people in 2009 to over 1400 in 2014 people attending 42 programs. The construction of the regional park is taking shape as planned.
The Master Site Plan proposed the following; natural areas, paved and unpaved trails, all-inclusive playground, soccer/football field, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, baseball and softball fields, recreation center, pavilions and picnic areas.
The park is open to the public for hiking. There are about 3 miles of trails for your pleasure. Here is a copy of our current trail map HJP Regional Park trail map 2.pdf (the mileage scale is off). If you want a guided tour of the park and some of the special features call the office to schedule one.

Some of our rules are:
No Camping without a permit
No Ground Fires
No Fireworks or Projectiles & No Hunting
Pets must be on leash and picked/cleaned up after
No Alcohol
All vehicles are restricted to the road and parking lot.
ATVs ARE NOT ALLOWED. We are seeing signs of ATV's destroying the grounds and wetland areas, along with painting trees for their trails. If you see any PLEASE call the office and leave a message.
Our Vision

Residents and Visitors of Hamilton, Jackson and Pocono Townships live and recreate within a community that celebrates the great natural and cultural heritage that is the cornerstone of the quality of life in the region. Close-to-home community parks complemented by a centrally located regional athletic facility are connected to large tracts of public lands, preserved natural areas and villages through a system of greenways and trails. Important farmland and scenic areas are conserved and add to the greenways and connected systems. The entire system is developed and maintained through cooperative efforts among regional partners that include municipal, business, education, social, cultural and environmental interests. Together, they have achieved a balanced system that offers a quality of life distinct to the regions.

This is the link to our 2003 HJP Open Space plan.


Here is a photo of just one of the many residents of the HJP Regional Park. I got within 10 ft of this Blue Jay to take this close-up.
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